grief: reflections on loss

i wish to be completely forthright in saying this entry was written entirely to help myself deal with a deep amount of recent pain. to walk through the many thoughts of loss and hurt the past several weeks have brought. and to attempt to make some sense of the horrific loss of our dear sister, […]

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what are we to do with grace

i recently grabbed dinner with my brother. pizza. at a very eclectic pizza place in my hometown. where the menu is just as eccentric as the town it resides in. the pizza is prepared in an open kitchen, so you can watch it tossed in the air, spinning and stretching. then placed in an open […]

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prayer: the Savior who saves

“so she’s cool?” i asked. “tow-tally,” he said, drawing out the “tow-” for emphasis on just how cool she was. “in middle school, she was smoking hot. the first time i saw her, i was like…” long silence, to emphasize how attractive she was. “i could hardly speak.” “He saved her, man. if it wasn’t […]

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“Here comes the sun…”

living in the pacific northwest can be so incredibly wonderful at times (skimming across a snow covered mountain in the winter, and enjoying the ‘just right’ warmth of summer), but it can also be quite painful at other times. the fall sometimes seems to stretch on, and on, and on. leaving us to wonder if […]

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where’d we go wrong?

a friend recently lent me a book to read while traveling to irvine. it was my first time there (irvine); california is always nice to those of us who live without palm trees. the book’s first page hit me square in the stomach. here’s the quote: “As He hung on the cross, Jesus probably never […]

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