prayer: the Savior who saves

“so she’s cool?” i asked.

“tow-tally,” he said, drawing out the “tow-” for emphasis on just how cool she was.

“in middle school, she was smoking hot. the first time i saw her, i was like…” long silence, to emphasize how attractive she was. “i could hardly speak.”

“He saved her, man. if it wasn’t for Him, she’d be dead,” he said.

a co-worker of mine had been talking about a girl he knew growing up. i knew her husband, now, but i had never met her.

he told me about how this incredible girl had entered high school and was struck by an eating disorder. how it began destroying her life.

he told me how he came home one day from school and told his mom about this girl. how she was weighing really heavy on his heart.

“she just came to me and was like, ‘well, let’s pray for her.'”

“and He saved her, man.”

and i love that. i love that image of God, swooping in, like superman, and rescuing this girl from herself. rescuing this girl from the lies she was being fed. and i love knowing she now has several beautiful children and a loving husband. i love knowing she has a wonderful life, and that she loves the Lord.

i loved hearing that story. it was a story about redemption. and it reminded me that He hears us.

He listens

He is so good. and i think we sometimes doubt what He can do. at least, i know i do. sometimes.

i think to myself, “well, yeah, of course He could do this. if He wanted. but will He? probably not.”

and i don’t even give Him the chance. i don’t even ask.

at one point in His ministry, Jesus told His disciples that if they had faith, even the size of a mustard seed, that they could move mountains.

was Jesus’ point to tell these guys that they could have a prosperous career in the mountain moving business? no. probably not. i think it was probably to remind them – and us – that faith-filled prayer is powerful. and that He listens.

pregnancy clinic

“thanks. idk if it’s gonna happen. the doc called in sick.”

after what had been an incredibly stressful stretch, this text message came through as something of an answered prayer. a friend of a family member had been considering an abortion. her second. and she had yet to celebrate her 20th birthday. the first was really tough on her. the second probably wouldn’t be any easier.

so we’d been praying. praying for this girl. this young girl. that her eyes would be opened to Him and His desires for her life. that she would find comfort in Him, even in this incredibly difficult decision.

and i can’t tell you how much relief this text brought. that, if only for a short while, there seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel. because of this doctor’s sickness. because maybe He was giving her a second chance.

answers – sometimes how we imagine, sometimes not

God answers prayers. He asks us to come to Him with our requests. and He acts on them. not always. and maybe not always how we’d like. but He does. and so we must pray. i couldn’t imagine not.

some people would laugh. some people would shake their head and call such beliefs primitive. but i believe in it. i believe in prayer.

i wish i could tell you that this doctor’s illness caused this girl to reconsider. i wish i could tell you that this girl found comfort in His presence, and that that comfort reassured her that things would be okay. that she didn’t have to go down this path again.

but i can’t, because she didn’t.

but He did give her the choice. He did give her another chance. and i’m not sure we could’ve asked for much more than that.

a simple reminder

“he saved her, man… if it wasn’t for Him, she’d be dead.”

i can still hear those words. and it brings a smile to my face every time i remember them.

it reminds me of the deep love of our heavenly Father. and it reminds me that He loves to hear from us. with our pains. with our praise. with our requests. and there’s comfort in that. the kind of comfort i would like to roll up in, like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s day.

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