about hands&feet

using everyday stories from my own life, hands&feet began as a place to capture a lot of the questions i’ve had about God and the christian faith. to share the many ways He has shown up in my life. how He has provided clarity for my questions in ways i never imagined. in everyday situations.

i’ve tried to capture these experiences as more of a conversation with a friend than a bunch of words on a page from a stranger. even though, i suppose, that’s what they are to many. i hope they’re more than that for you. i hope these words are helpful. for you, and for where you currently find yourself. i hope you can relate to a lot of these personal experiences. and that, somehow, you can see Him more clearly through them.

some of these experiences were incredibly difficult. some are painfully honest accounts of the valleys of my life and the lives of those closest to me. others are quite a bit brighter. ways in which God has shown up and turned my life on its head, fulfilling the dreams of my heart in ways i never thought possible.

and all of these experiences come together in the attempt to provide a clearer picture of Jesus. the Savior of the world. as He’s revealed Himself and His plan of redemption through His Word and through everyday life.

thanks for reading.


6 thoughts on “about hands&feet

  1. Hi, Ryan-
    I found your blog through Don Miller’s site; I was reading the comments and was struck by yours regarding the death of your sister. I’m really sorry you lost Hayley. After reading some of your posts on here, I’ve gotten the sense that she is a wonderful person. I’ve never been through a huge loss like that, but I wanted to express my sympathy. I hope your blog posts can help many grieving people and show Christ’s love to them. God bless.

    • laura,

      thank you so much. for reading these words. for commenting. for sharing your condolences for the loss of someone you never even knew. how incredibly gracious.

      yes, hayley truly is a wonderful person, and i thank you for taking the time.

      all the best,


    • thank you, matt. means so much that you appreciate the words here. i’ll be sure to let you know if/when i pick things back up with hands&feet. capturing the england adventure will likely keep me busy for a bit!



  2. I am struggling, this is a difficult week for me – with grief, feelings of guilt and failure, worry, fear. I beg our dear Lord to grant me a Christmas miracle: that I may find someone to help me deal with my grief, feelings of guilt; that I may have a better relationship with sibling/family, without disagreement, conflict, controversy; that the holidays and the new year will be peaceful; that property and financial issues of my mother’s property may be resolved successfully and peacefully with sibling/spouse; for peace of mind; for those who are struggling as I with grief, despair. Thank you. God bless.

  3. Ryan, first I’d like to say thank you for always sharing with us. I picked up your book in a bookstore in Bellingham, WA as I was turning my back on God and it really has helped me get back on track! I want to gift a copy of hands and feet to some of my family members for Christmas but can’t seem to find it since I live in Texas and Washington is pretty far! Anyway you could help?

    You’re awesome
    God Bless

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