life over lies: worth in work

the following is a reflection i shared with our university ministry community in berkeley, for a series titled, “life > lies.” since the new year began, we’ve been asking, ‘what are the lies that i believe about myself?,’ and, ‘how can we stop living into those lies so that we can receive the abundant life […]

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birth narratives

the gospels were not the earliest accounts of what God was doing in and through the life of Jesus, of course—paul’s letters to the early church had already been penned and shared by then. but it was eventually decided that a written account of Jesus’s life and, more than that, His ministry, should be captured.  […]

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good christian? bad christian?

who is shaping our image of a “good” christian, i wondered when two university students  told me they feel like a “bad” christian from our seats in berkeley last spring. who’s telling us what it looks like to be a “bad” christian? are either valid? i’m exploring this question with our community in berkeley this […]

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when we say goodbye | life goes on

i’ve been thinking and talking about and working on a book idea for the past few years, since finishing called: my journey to c. s. lewis’s house and back again. death and grief and the long process of saying goodbye is, unfortunately, part of our story. and in the wake of so many painful conversations, i’ve […]

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54 years later: c. s. lewis today

fifty-four years ago today, people around the world were reeling from the news of an all-too young u.s. president’s assassination. so overwhelming was this tragedy that it overshadowed the news of a beloved english author’s death in his home on the same day. on a recent friday evening, two friends and i gathered together at […]

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