how to speak of God’s love?

the following is the final message given to a gathering of university students in berkeley, california in a semester-long study of Jesus’ response to the question: what’s the most important commandment? (mark 12:28-31) so to wrap up our series on love, i want to shift our focus from our love of God, love of others, and love […]

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faith like a virus

a good friend of mine recently cleared out his dining room and put everything in storage so that one of his employees would have a place to live over the summer. it helped that the dining room was actually a bedroom to begin with. but he didn’t stop there. when he found out that this […]

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love: the cross of Christ

on this day, “Good Friday”, the day we remember Christ’s crucifixion, i cannot help but be overcome with sadness. sadness for the excruciating pain that Christ felt, sadness for the loneliness and abandonment He went through as His disciples fled as He was beaten and persecuted. and yet, i find great joy in this day, […]

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