blessings: moments of clarity

do you ever feel like life is flying by at the speed of light, only to stop suddenly, just long enough for you to take in all that surrounds you? all those things in your life that are there, but you routinely overlook? all those small blessings, the ones you take for granted? the things. the people.

man, i thank God for those brief moments of clarity. those moments when it seems like everything is suddenly brought into focus. i thank God for showing me all the little ways He provides hints of light in a dim world.

what a blessing

i recently had the fortune of overhearing something said that brought me just such a moment of clarity. and it came from the lips of someone i would never have guessed. but that’s just the way He works, isn’t it? precisely in ways we wouldn’t expect.

he was going through the food bank line, filling up his bags with canned goods, groceries and milk. and, as he approached the end of the line, he began filling his bags with produce. bananas, apples. bruised. aged. the kind that you and i would probably throw out. and, as he placed the blackened bananas into his bag, one by one, for they no longer were in a bunch, he looked across the table that the boxes of food sat on, directly into the eyes of the food bank volunteer standing there and, with a smile on his face, he said, “what a blessing.”

what a blessing.

what a blessing, indeed. more so for me than for him, whether he realized it or not. and he didn’t, of course, for i was standing across the room from him. taking the scene in. as i stood there, stealing from the conversation with my eyes and my ears.

and his comment instantly shook me into reality. shook me from the feelings of helplessness and ingratitude. feelings of being so far from His goodness and righteousness that i might never get back. shook me right back into seeing His light shining so brightly that it warmed me from the inside out. reminding me that He is still there. that He is still good. and that His love for me is one of the few things that hasn’t changed in my life over the past few months.

from moments

the truth is, i live an incredibly blessed life. from the clothes on my back to my fridge and cupboards filled with food (but not just any food, the food that i get to pick out, straight from the grocery store shelves. fresh food.). to the incredible friends. friends who care enough to just listen. to my loving family, to my beautiful, caring and supportive wife. all of which i don’t deserve. i could not deserve. and yet, He provides it still. day in and day out, whether i see it or not, it’s there. i am taken care of.

i pray that i would take from these moments of clarity days, weeks, months and even a life filled with thankfulness. thankfulness for His rich gifts. but, even more, thankfulness for Him. thankfulness for a promise that says, because of His sacrifice, i will spend eternity in the presence of love. His love. true love.

from moments into eternity, may His name be praised from my lips so that others may come to know just what a blessing He truly is. what a blessing.

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