redemption: the God of muck and mire

i’ve had an inescapable image of God over the past few weeks, and i can’t help but think this image is there for a reason, to serve as a reminder of His redeeming love.

what once was white

this image is of me stuck, half conscious, in a pool of filth. call it feces. call it blood. call it muck and mire. the point is, it is filth, and it is choking the life out of me. and then i see Christ approaching me clothed in a robe of white linen, stepping down into the pool of muck and mire, as it were, reaching out for me. and as He draws near to me, His once white robe slowly becomes tainted. but it doesn’t stop Him. up and out of the muck and mire He pulls me, his robe now almost completely covered in the filth that once ensnared me, safely guiding me to safety and firm footing.

who else

how incredible it is that the holy, perfect, and spotless lamb, Jesus Christ, was (and still is) willing to come down into the muck and mire of my life to redeem me. time and time again. what an incredible blessing. it is a wonder anyone would not want to honor such a God with their life lived in full gratitude, adoration and devotion.

and i can’t help but ask, “what other religion worships a God who chooses to take on our filth, our pain, our suffering in order to bring us to Himself?”

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