x, y and z: recognizing a need as a need

i was chatting with a buddy of mine recently. driving past a building that used to be home to a questionable business, he said, “dude, x is my achilles heel. wait, what am i talking about? x, y and z are all my achilles heels!”

and it got me thinking, in a different context, to a group of guys just having a good time, x, y and z would’ve all been cast in a rather typical light: “of course you like x, y, z; you’re a guy!” yet, here was a guy realizing the damage x, y and z could do to his life. and the significance of that point is not a minor one.

the value of a good bath

as i mentioned to him, until we realize that certain activities lead us down a very painful road, we have no need for a savior (or so we think). the Gospel means so very little to us if we have no idea that what we’re currently doing, or who we currently are, desperately needs changing. to put it another way, a man in need of a bath has no concept of the value of a bath if he has become so accustomed to his uncleanliness that he no longer notices his own stench.

yet, when we have come to that point of realization of the depravity of our souls, when we realize that, left to our own devices, x, y and z (or another set of equally harmful activities/behaviors) would consume our time, our energy and ultimately our lives, we realize the value of an alternate route. we realize that a path other than the one we’ve been walking for so long could very well lead to the fulfillment we’ve been seeking.

recognizing my own needs

i’ve come to the realization of who i am without Him, and that thought scares me. i’ve come to the realization that, left to my own devices, i would be a terribly lonely person. my greed and selfishness would drive me away from others, and others away from me. my desire for things that seem at times to be exactly what i need would completely destroy my marriage, if left unattended.

and yet, it is His love and work in my life that has changed me. i am not there, there are still hints of greed and selfishness in my heart, for example, but my vision is being removed from myself and placed onto Him, and through Him to others. my life is no longer my own; it is not about me. and i thank Him for revealing that truth to me.

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