new insoles

i bought a new pair of shoe insoles recently. the cool blue gel kind. i had never bought insoles before, but my work shoes just are not comfortable, so i thought i would give them a try.

i have to tell you, i now feel like i could go for a run in these puppies; it’s amazing! after having them for a few weeks, though, i noticed one morning that i had almost forgotten they were there, that’s just the way my shoes feel now. but had the insoles been taken out, i would have quickly noticed the difference.

the comfort these shoe insoles provide is very similar to the comfort i have in Jesus Christ. not in a “my feet are no longer sore,” kind of way, but in a “man, i don’t know how i went without these before!”

so many people live their lives without the love and security of a relationship with Jesus Christ, and i have to think if they only knew what they were missing, they wouldn’t ever want to go back! at least, that’s the way i feel. i have heard so many christians say they couldn’t imagine living life without Him. and i agree.

Jesus said “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” (Matthew 6:27). the point that He was making was that He will provide for our lives, and all the worrying in the world will do nothing for us. nothing good at least. knowing i have a Father who loves me, and who genuinely desires goodness for me, has brought me so much comfort. and i have to say, i couldn’t imagine ever going back to life without Him.

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